Gift Ideas for the Highly Sensitive Introvert

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Mental Health and Wellbeing

Tis the season! As you’re making your lists and checking them twice (or three, four or five times if you’re an anxious perfectionist like myself), here are some gift ideas for the highly sensitive introvert in your life (recommended by a highly sensitive introvert!). (Please note, that introversion and high sensitivity don’t always go hand in hand, but it is very likely that they do!).

Noise cancelling headphones. The world is frequently just way too much for highly sensitive people and is often extremely overstimulating. Because highly sensitive people process information differently and notice things that the rest of the world doesn’t, it is very easy for us to get overwhelmed very quickly. Imagine trying to listen to the TV, the radio and someone talking all at once while you try to read a book. As a highly sensitive person, this is how my brain feels all the time. Being able to block out some of the noise really helps.

A quiet night alone. Nothing, I repeat, nothing makes my introvert heart happier than a night alone. This is a chance for me to relax and reset in blissful silence. This gift idea would be especially wonderful for a mom who rarely has the opportunity to spend time just with herself. You could maybe create a “night in” gift basket to wrap; complete with wine, cheese or chocolate (or both!), a new book, comfy socks, bubble bath or bath salts…the opportunities are endless!

Candles and essential oils. I initially wasn’t going to include this because highly sensitive people are…er…highly sensitive, and some smells might be overwhelming, but even as a highly sensitive person I absolutely adore my soy candles and diffuser. You can also ask the recipient if they have a favourite scent or shop or simply give them a gift card so they can pick out their own. If you need some ideas:

  • I love Natura Soy for my candles, they are local to Southern Alberta and their candles are soy, natural and not overpowering. I’m in love with their “Honey Apple Cider” candles!
  • I also love Fern and Petal for my essential oils, they are local to Vancouver, British Columbia. Their “Let it Go” blend is relaxation in a bottle!

Anything cozy and warm. I find heat to be so soothing and love that it just melts away the overstimulation of the day or the discomfort and tenseness that I inevitably end up with from being stressed. There is no such thing as too many hot water bottles or microwaveable rice bags or cozy blankets!

Gift cards for music or an online streaming subscription. Although I’m particular about what I’ll listen to (some music is just overwhelming in a bad way), I still love listening to music throughout my day as I drive or do chores. I have a subscription with a popular streaming service so I can download as many songs as I like, which is awesome! (Said streaming service is going through some changes so I’m not going to recommend it, as it has quite a few glitches right now, but luckily there are quite a few different services to choose from).

Journals, planners and pens! Ahhh that new journal feeling! Journaling has numerous mental health benefits and is made so much better with some fancy pens. I also recently purchased The Happy Planner and am in love because I can add my own pages to it, rather than being restricted to premade designs (plus they have all. the. stickers!!). Sitting down to journal or plan my day is so important to me as a highly sensitive person and really helps to ground myself.

I hope this list helps make your Christmas shopping a little easier! If you’re a highly sensitive introvert, would you add anything to the list?

(Please note, none of these are affiliate links, I do not receive any money if you choose to buy from them. They are simply items that I love and want to share).

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