The ONLY Bloggers I Allow in My Inbox

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Mental Health and Wellbeing

I hate having emails pile up in my inboxes. To retain my sanity, I try to delete them at least once a day, unless they’re something that I really need to remember to follow up on.

And so, there’s very few companies or bloggers that I allow to clutter up my email. They have to prove themselves to have high-quality, applicable and interesting content. 

So, without further ado, these are the few bloggers that I have not unsubscribed from! None of these are sponsored (I’ve never talked to any of these lovely ladies, so they don’t know that I exist), they’re truly just women who have made a difference to me personally.

  1. Turia Pitt. So, Turia is super inspirational and amazing and all that, but more importantly, every email feels like I’m reading a loving note from a best friend. A wise best friend. One who is constantly rooting for me and daring me to do that thing that scares me. Turia emails about once a week, which I find to be perfect for the content she provides!
  1. The Blissful Mind. Catherine emails once a week, which I super appreciate, because honestly, I don’t really have time to be reading/applying the quality tips that she shares if they came more often. I like to have time to digest what she says and think about how I’ll implement it into my life.
  1. Happy Highly Sensitive Life. I completely stumbled upon Marya’s blog and ate it all up as quickly as I could. I am through and through a Highly Sensitive Person and FINALLY someone understood me and helped me understand myself a little better. Marya averages a week to two weeks between emails and her content literally screams quality over quantity. I sometimes find myself (selfishly) wishing she had more posts for me to enjoy, yet simultaneously appreciating the time she clearly pours into them to make each one a gem, which I think is the perfect balance!

4. Design For Mankind. This is sort of weird but I really LOVE Erin and her blog. I accidentally found her late one night and spent a ton of time perusing all her past posts which are SO full of wisdom and truth. Erin posts/emails less than other bloggers so she definitely won’t be clogging up anyone’s inbox. But when there is finally a new post, there’s like…butterflies. It’s like Christmas morning, waiting to read what she’s written!

There you have it! The three ladies that I trust enough to allow them to share their content directly to my inbox. The common thread for the three of them is that they are not obviously chasing ‘likes’. They’re passionate about what they write about and share it in a down-to-earth way that makes you feel like you’re talking with a friend. These are the kind of ladies I aspire to be like and the kind of content that I hope you feel that I share with you!

What about you? Do you only allow select bloggers into your inbox or do you like having a larger amount of emails to peruse?

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  1. Catherine

    Thanks so much for including me on your list! I’m glad my emails are helpful in some way 💖


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